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Who was YOUR board built for?

Well, was it built for you? If it wasn't, you're missing out on some serious advantages in the water. Here at DaveySKY Surfboards, we specialize in crafting custom surfboards built specifically for you personally to provide every advantage possible out in the water so you can surf better and have more fun. After all, that's what surfing is all about - and that's what we're all about.

"I made a lot of sections I shouldn't have. It feels like a video game when you unlock a new board and it ups your stats. Probably my favorite out of the boards I've owned."

Matt P. - Seaside, NJ
6'0 Turbo Ripper in FocusFlex Tech

Unique surfers, unique surfboards.

Every surfer is unique. You have your own style, your own body, your own mind, your own experience, your own goals. Being the unique individual and surfer you are, why spend your hard earned money on an off-the-rack surfboard from a big name brand that's exactly like thousands of identical boards? Here at DaveySKY Surfboards, we create custom surfboards designed and crafted specifically for you.

We don't limit your surfing, ability and goals to what's on the rack; we purposefully build our customers custom boards designed to provide every advantage possible out in the water to improve your surfing and create more fun for you, personally - no matter what your definition of "fun" is. Every DaveySKY Surfboard is custom designed and crafted start to finish by one set of hands: Founder & Owner, Dave Kaminsky, at his facility in Manasquan, New Jersey.


"This board holds up and really has been getting me through some turns I used to never make. I couldn't be happier."

Nick K. - Asbury Park, NJ
5'7 Turbo Ripper

Professional surfboards, professional consulting.

Building professional, superior quality surfboards is just half our job. The other half is to work with you to collectively design the best surfboard possible for you personally. We don't expect everyone to know the exact dimensions, glassing, materials, etc that you want. If you do, that's great! And we can make that happen. But the majority of surfers don't know every detail - and that's perfectly okay! Even if you aren't sure of a single detail, we're here to help. We can translate your thoughts on what you'd like in your new board into shape, dimensions, etc - and we're happy to explain the options that you might not be sure of, or even aware are options in surfboard construction! Because in our opinion, that's not just the right way to do it - it's the only way to do it.

"Best board I've ever owned. Extremely responsive and easy to paddle. It handles the biggest drops New Jersey winters have to offer. Dave is great to work with and will make sure you're riding the board that is best for you to guarantee you will get the best waves."

Andy D. - Sea Bright, NJ
6'3.5 Pipe Dream

Innovative Shapes.

Innovation is the heart of DaveySKY Surfboards. Through an extensive understanding and knowledge of the physics behind surfing, we've created a model lines of innovative surfboard designs that are more responsive, energetic, consistent and predictable to create a better performing, easier surfing board - especially in (but certainly not limited to) the challenging, dynamic waves here in New Jersey and the U.S. east coast.

Superior Quality.

Consistently producing our surfboards with superior quality is paramount to our company. We use only the highest quality materials, meticulous construction methods and demanding quality control, ensuring that every DaveySKY surfboard is of superior quality. We give every board we build the time and attention it deserves, and YOU deserve to ensure the highest, ultra professional boutique quality. Our boards are built for performance, aesthetics & longevity.

Affordable Prices.

As surfers with families and bills to pay, we know every dollar saved counts. It's important to us to offer our products at affordable prices, because we believe that you deserve a custom, top quality product without having to break the bank. We strive to make our surfboards affordable without sacrificing any quality, longevity or aesthetics.


187 Parker Ave (Rt. 71)
Manasquan, NJ 08736


732-701-7SKY (7759)



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