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New Blog!

Hey everyone! Welcome to my brand new blog, where I plan on writing personally to you guys and girls. I became inspired to create a blog from the conversations I have with my customers. As my current customers already know, it’s extremely important to me to help educate not only my customers – but all surfers – on surfboard shapes, construction materials, methods and options, physical properties, etc. One of my primary goals is to help surfers learn what they’re purchasing when buying a surfboard. For those who are used to walking into a surf shop and plucking a board off the shelves (99.9% of surfers!) that’s labeled as being able to be surf in “ankle high to double overhead” and having little to no options, it can certainly be overwhelming to learn about all the options and choosing what might be best for you personally. While I always take as much time as needed with my customers, I decided that creating a blog would enable to tackle one specific topic at a time, collect my thoughts neatly in one place about it, and would result in a great resource for you guys to read through to learn.

So stay tuned, as I’ll be writing as often as possible, including informative posts to how you learn and choose the best options for your custom board, new shapes and evolution of my current shapes, some of my personal favorite boards I’m current building, as well as some guest CUSTOMER TAKE-OVER blog posts where I’ll let a customer write a blog post about their custom DaveySKY surfboard and their experience with it – freely, openly and unedited by me.

And a really quick, huge thank you to all of my current customers. You’re all such awesome people, super supportive and you make all the hard work with it with the incredible feedback.

Go surf!

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One thought on “New Blog!”

  1. Davey Sky is a great brand.

    I have a 9’0″ performance longboard. I asked for something different and Davey Sky delivered. I surf in Manasquan with all the kook’s but mostly on a shortboard: really wanted a Long board that kicked ass and Davey Sky delivered a board that rips. I wanted a board to be indestructible so Davey Sky came up with a board that was 3 layer top and 3 layers bottom giving the rails 5 layers. I dare a kook to run into this board it will crush you.

    Up date alert my best friend ran into the board no scares but his is at Greenlight getting repaired.

    Drop in to Davey Sky, great brand.

    Davey keep up the good work I am getting ready for a new shortboard.

    Great product by a great local person.

    “Mr. Clean”

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