Our Story.

Simple beginnings, dedicated operation.

Davey's mission here at DaveySKY Surfboards is simple yet defining: to put surfers on the best surfboards to suit their surfing style & personalities to allow you to have the most fun possible & perform to whatever level you desire. Davey utilizes only the best quality materials & uses uncompromising construction methods to the highest standards, topped off with industry-leading custom ordering consultation & customer attention. It became clear to Davey very early on how critical custom surfboards are to create the best, easiest & most fun surfing boards along with the quickest progression possible for each individual surfer considering how different and specific we all are, no matter if you're a beginner or expert, whether you're a "local" or not. All surfers of all abilities & styles are equal at DaveySKY Surfboards; there's no ego, attitude or localism here. Everyone is welcome.

Davey's forward-thinking unique approach building surfboards is rooted in physics, hydrodynamics & engineering; a very real foundation based in science & function and a welcomed departure from the mystique and "magic" of surfboard shaping and making. Not only is every board built in-house at DaveySKY Surfboards, Davey still continues to build every single board start to finish in small batch perfection himself at his custom factory, showroom & retail core surf shop in Manasquan, NJ. This gives Davey full control of the entirety of your surfboard build and 100% direct connection from your initial conversation with Davey to the board under your feet. Our water time is precious & surfing any board less than perfect simply isn't worth it. Your board does make a big difference, and Davey is fully dedicated to that.

Innovation & balance redefined.

As you may have noticed from the array of types & styles of boards, constructions & aesthetics, Davey is proud to consider himselves a versatile & varied surfboard builder. But one of Davey's primary focuses, and aspects of his shapes he is most proud of, is his ability to blend performance, maneuverability & agility with user-friendliess, ease, paddle power, speed, ride sensitivity, fun & flow. It's easy to design a purely high performance board or a purely easy-surfing board. It's difficult & painstaking to develop refined shapes that excel at their designated criteria and have naturally opposing attributes built in without negatively affecting the intended ride characteristics of that shape.

The genres of surfing exist on a spectrum or continuum, with performance surfing on one end and soulful surfing on the other. You'll find Davey's shapes with these blends at varying degrees; some centered with others biased towards one end of the spectrum, but you'll always find the blend to be seamless and uninterruptive. For instance, the Jet is biased way towards the performance end of the spectrum yet has incredible ease & user-friendliness for such a high performing shortboard without feeling limitations on its agility. And vice versa, the Keeper has so much fun, flow, & ease yet it cranks some pretty ridiculous turns for a non-performance board, without feeling like the soulfulness of the board is detracted whatsoever.

Nuanced perfection, dedicated to you.

Everyone has their own definition of what "fun" is to them in the water; that's part of the ultimate freedom & beauty of surfing. As long as you're being respectful out in the lineup, there's no right or wrong when it comes to surfing. So whatever constitutes your own definition of fun, Davey is here to facilitate, personalize & perfect that for you. Whether performing at the highest level possible and continual progression surfing vertical and aggressive in the pocket is most important & fun to you; getting as many waves as possible with the easiest, earliest entry & longest, cruisiest rides is most important & fun to you; or anywhere in-between, Davey is proud to build the perfect board you.

I'm not concerned with marketing or any of that nonsense, so if you don't see billboards or ads or big names riding my boards, or see other brands boards in the water more often than mine, that's why. I'm not here to make the most surfboards I can, I'm not here for the popularity contest or fame, I'm here to make the best surfboards for passionate surfers who care about the boards they surf, where those boards come from & who that supports. Instead of worrying about marketing, business tactics and all that B.S. that doesn't result in a better product or customer experience, I choose to use my time, efforts & resources towards the tangible & ethereal things that matter to me as a surfer & human and ultimately matter & make a real difference for my customers; for surfers. Developing refined shapes, quality materials & meticulous construction methods that yield beautiful, long-lasting, supremely surfing surfboards along with a customer experience & connection with their boards that is unmatched.

Don't hesitate to reach out with any & all questions!

Stay stoked & have a rad day!