"FocusFlex Technology is the difference between driving a Cadillac and a Formula 1 car."

Danny V. - Philly, PA

5'7 MicroJet, 6'2 Jet, 6'0 Bombshell, 6'3 Thresher, 5'10 custom MPH

Responsiveness and power you've never felt before.

Flex. It's a term thrown around the surfboard world daily. Surfboards flex, right? They sure do. But where? When? How much? Is the flex even good or bad? Flex just got a whole lot more complex, huh? Well, we've been asking and finding answers to those very important questions.

Introducing FocusFlex Technology: a brand new elite construction that efficiently turns your energy input (bottom turns, top turns, carves, pumping, etc) into controlled, focused flex where your surfboard SHOULD be flexing, and not where it shouldn't. That way all of your energy you put into your board is efficiently focused into projection and drive, and is not lost in excessive or inefficient flex, creating more power and responsiveness for an unparalleled performance you've never felt before. FocusFlex technology is Founder & Owner Dave's brainchild from the past year+ of R & D.



"Technical perfection."

Matt P. - Monmouth County, NJ

5'6 Jet

How FocusFlex works:

FocusFlex is a stringerless EPS foam & epoxy resin construction which utilizes carefully chosen technical materials and material layout to create its incredible flex control and efficient energy transfer. Below is a complete breakdown of the materials, where they are utilized and how they work.

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is lightweight, stiff and strong. The primary purpose of the carbon fiber placement in FocusFlex is to create the overall flex pattern of your board while maintaining full nose-to-tail strength. FocusFlex incorporates a unique carbon fiber network to considerably stiffen the nose/front half your board, while promoting flex between your feet and through the tail. Excessive flex through the nose, and therefore inefficient energy transfer/loss of energy input is eliminated, and instead that same energy you input to the board is focused between your feet and through the tail via controlled flex. The result: an extremely effective energy transfer from your body into ultra high performance responsiveness, projection and drive.


The tail end of your FocusFlex board is designed to flex the most. It's where energy is transferred to the fins, yet it sees the most abuse than any other part of your board. Technora is an amarid fiber - like Kevlar - that has incredible resistance to stretching and breaking while retaining flexibility, so the Technora fibers are placed on rails and foot ball/heel area of the tail deck to resist pressure/foots dents by supporting the fiberglass above it. By utilizing the carbon fibers along the centerline of the board and technora on the deck tail rails, a faster flex pattern is created along the centerline of the board while more flex is allowed through the tail rails, creating an extremely efficient, almost Manta Ray-like flex pattern through the tail.


Innegra fibers have phenomenal elongation properties, meaning that it can stretch much more than carbon fiber or technora, and return to its original shape and retain that liveliness beautifully over time. Innegra or innegra + carbon fiber mesh is utilized on the bottom through the fin cluster and tail section of the board - where your FocusFlex board is flexing (and stretching) the most - to create flex retention through the tail of your board. Innegra also has vibration dampening characteristics, so by applying the fibers on the bottom tail of the board overlaying the fin boxes, the Innegra fabric plays a double roll of flex control and retention as well as smoothing out your ride.

FocusFlex signature flex pattern:



Fiberglassed to last.

Typical surfboards utilize a standard woven fiberglass cloth, which has fiberglass strands running from nose to tail (0 degree axis) and straight across from rail to rail (90 degree axis). While it's a great material for use in surfboards, it does have a drawback as far as fighting buckles, snaps and breaks. When your board flexes, only half of the fibers (the 0 degree nose to tail fibers) are directly keeping your board from buckling or breaking, and when a buckle or break does happen, it typically happens between the 90 degree rail to rail fibers. FocusFlex uses a unique fiberglass material as one of the two layers on the deck that runs the fibers +/- 45 degrees, creating 2 additional axes offset from the normal 0 and 90 degree axes. This creates a massive increase in strength against buckles and breaks, creating an extremely durable yet flexible and lightweight FocusFlex surfboard.

Typical surfboard 0 & 90 degree fiberglass axes
FocusFlex 0/90/+45/-45 fiberglass axes

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FocusFlex is available for your next board via custom order for the following models:

V2 Reviver
Turbo Ripper
Turbo Dream
Pipe Dream
Beta Fish
Banana Leaf
Custom Shapes

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