Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get my custom DaveySKY Surfboard?

Lead times are currently approximately 3-6 months to complete. That wide range is designed to provide an honest estimate to the nature of Davey building every single board start to finish himself, each one being unique and requiring different construction strategies & schedules. Custom orders are built in the order they come in, and your spot in the queue is locked in when your deposit is placed. Lead times are estimates and cannot be guaranteed; I prioritize supreme quality and such quality cannot be rushed, so your order may be done before, during or after the initial ETA, however the vast majority of boards are completed within that estimated range. Anyone placing an order should understand and appreciate that guarantee of quality (and is presumptively a large reason prople order boards from me!) and be prepared to be patient, and I thank everyone in advance for that! While quality is always my ultimate focus, I am always working hard to keep the lead times as short as possible.

How much does a custom DaveySKY Surfboard cost, and when do I pay?

Approximate base prices can be found at the top of the Custom Order page, but for exact pricing just reach out! Base prices include a completed custom board in traditional PU/PE construction, your choice of standard glassing up to 6+6/6 with a reinforcing fin box patch, base fin box setup per model of FCS II or Futures boxes, leash rope & a beautiful clear, sanded finish. Colorwork, alternative constructions, and other a la carte items are additional.

A 50% nonrefundable deposit is required to place and lock in your order, and the balance is paid upon pickup or before your board ships out. Your place in the build queue is determined by the time your deposit is paid. Your deposit can be paid at our shop in Manasquan, NJ, online through our webstore (click "Shop" up top) or via phone.

Please note that effective January 1, 2024, all card payments (any credit or debit card) will incur a 3-3.5% service fee to cover the processing fee I am charged for each card payment. IMPORTANT: all payments made via cash or check will NOT incur any additional fee, and there are never any hidden or built-in fees whatsoever. For such a small company as mine, the card processing fees simply add up to an unsustainable amount to bear. For every less-than-two-dozen boards that get paid for via card, I end up having to build a board at zero profit to cover the cost of the processing fees, and while I've been struggling with this decision for a few years now, I needed to implement this to ensure sustainability and wanted to do so in the most honest & fair manner possible. I apologize for any inconvenience or frustration this causes to anyone! It admittedly makes me a uncomfortable to do, though the restaurant industry as nearly a whole has implemented this and is moving to other industries as well, but it simply was simply a long-overdue necessity for me. Thank you for understanding.

If you placed a deposit on a board before January 1, 2024, you will NOT be subject to the new card payment service fee if you'd like to pay for the balance for your board via card since this was not formally announced prior to that date. Of course if you wouldn't mind paying the balance via cash or check, it would certainly be appreciated!

I found someone else that will build me a board for cheaper, will you match their pricing? Do you ever have sales or discounts or bro-deals?

Very simple answer. I never run sales or discounts for a few reasons: First, I don't overcharge for the value of my products in the first place, so there's no sales tactics by running a higher-than-should-be MSRP and then "offering discounts" to promote sales. None of that B.S. here. So you can feel confident purchasing/ordering a board at any time and don't have to worry about missing out on a sale or discount the next day.

Next: I can't speak for any other surf brand, but I can speak for mine. I build boards for each & every one of my customers the exact way I want my own boards built. The foundation of my business is to build the best quality surfboards money can buy with the best materials money can buy with the most meticulous & unwaivering construction methods. That takes priority over cutting costs, cheaping out on materials, rushing production, etc, and is what results in the top tier product & experience I offer.

Lastly, I continue to this day to build every single board start to finish myself, maintaining total quality control over absolutely everything. No asssembly lines, mass production facility, glass shops, etc. Small batch craft at its finest. I do my best to set the fairest pricing I can for the product & customer experience I offer. So the pricing simply reflects all of that, so you can buy with confidence.

Does Davey REALLY build every single board start to finish himself?


Every. Single. Board. Not only do you discuss every detail of your board with me directly, but I build every single board in its entirety start-to-finish. Not much of that going on in the world these days at the top tier quality level, and I promise you it's a precious thing.

Can I come watch you shape, glass, or build my board...or even take part in it?

With the exception of the Ocean & Bay Experience, unfortunately no - for a few reasons - but the most important being so I can maintain complete focus on your & every surfboard I build. Whenever anyone else is around while I'm building boards, I tend to get distracted as we naturally get into conversation, or even just knowing someone else is there is mentally distracting for me. It's of utmost importance to me that I have zero distractions to put forth my very best work for you as well as maintain as efficient a schedule as possible. As you can imagine, things end up taking much longer whenever people are around (despite it being a good time hanging out)!

For those interested, I do offer a unique opportunity called the Ocean & 'Bay' Experience where we will spend a day together surfing & hanging in my shaping bay while I finish shape your custom surfboard. I've designed the experience specifically around providing myself the time & headspace needed to enable such an opportunity while maintaining the focus I require. Please feel free to reach out with any questions!

Does my surfboard include fins, leash and/or a tail pad?

As with the vast majority of boards nowadays, all accessories are sold separately so you can choose the exact feel, functionality & aesthetic you're looking for. DaveySKY Surfboards is an authorized dealer for the best fins, leashes, tail pads & board bags in the industry at our shop in Manansquan, NJ as well as on our webstore (click "Shop" up top). I can always make recommendations for all that gear for each individual board & surfer.

Do you only shape your board models you've designed, or can I can a totally custom shape?

Nope! While most of the boards I make are indeed my models, I can absolutelty modify any of my board models or build you a completely custom shape.

I ordered a board 'x' weeks ago. Should I call/email/live chat/swing by the shop to see if my board is done yet, when it will be done or how it's going?

Very respectfully, I'd so greatly appreciate holding those questions as much as possible. I will ALWAYS happily spend as much time as necessary going over all the specs & details for your board answering any & all questions you have along the way! But once that's all dialed in I simply need time to focus on my meticulous construction for every board. I know you're just stoked to get your board & I love that!...but if you haven't been contacted yet that your board is ready for pick up, then it's simply not ready for pick up yet and I'm still hard at work either on your board, or the boards ordered before yours. As you can imagine, whenever I have to spend time to answer an "is my board done yet/when will be board be done/how's my board coming" inquiry, that's time I could be utilizing building boards, and if everyone's asking those questions that time adds up and ultimately it takes me longer to build boards and get them in your hands.

I truly appreciate your patience and understanding as I am not a mass production facility. Not only do I build every single board start to finish myself, but I also handle nearly every other point of operation for my business, from building every board, to all the meetings, phone calls, emails, supply ordering, cleaning up, etc. So while I do have a production schedule for myself, it's constantly evolving & changing as every single day ends up being different (which is part of the reason why I provide an ETA range rather than an ETA date, as it's the most honest answer for an ETA I can give). Therefore, being so focused on & dedicated supreme quality & artistry, I also appreciate & covet as clear & "stress free" of a headspace to be able to focus on building you all the BEST boards possible without any feelings of needing to rush. But please do know: ultimately I ABSOLUTELY DO stress a LOT about trying to keep my lead times as short as possible - and I take that very, very seriously.

So in summation: every single one of my boards gets built with love & care from start to finished myself - so even if it's getting close to the expected turn around time and you're getting super stoked, the less inquiries I get on your board's status, the quicker I can build your - and everyone else's - board(s). Thank you deeply for your patience & understanding of that.

Now of course if for some reason it's been much longer than the original ETA you were given, please feel free to reach out to check in! And always get in touch with any other questions you have at any time.

Can I go surf my new DaveySKY custom surfboard as soon as I pick it up?

Usually the answer is yes! All resin has a post-cure period, meaning that from the time the glassing and resin work is finished on your board, the resin - even though dry & solid - will take approximately two weeks to reach its full strength. I typically try to allow your board to reach full post-cure before you pick it up as I know you'll have the urge to surf it ASAP!. When you come pick up your board, feel free to ask how long into post-cure your board is thus far, but I will be sure to keep you apprised. Surfing your board before it's fully post-cured puts your new board at risk of more significant pressure dents and/or other damage.

How should I care for my custom surfboard?

It's really quite simple, but very important you care for your surfboard properly to ensure it lasts a long time. Here's the basics:

  • • Limit the exposure to sunlight and heat at all times while not surfing/in the water.
  • • Don't ever surf your board with open dings or cracks where water can get in. Get your board properly repaired (I do repairs!).
  • • Never use suncure / polyester resin on EPS/Epoxy boards. You will ruin your board - I promise.
  • • Purchase a quality TRAVEL BAG (10mm thick) to use at all times during transportation. In my personal & professional experience, 5mm day bags or stretch/fabric board socks/covers are not thick enough to truly prevent damage to your board. The board bag will easily pay for itself and/or cover the cost difference over a day bag/stretch/fabric cover over time by preventing dings, dings repair costs, and limited wear from heat/sunlight. I do carry & sell these board bags and can make the best recommendation for you!

For even more info, read our "How to PROPERLY care for your surfboard" blog post.

Can I try a board before I place an order or buy one?

For a few years I did run a demo program, where I had Demo Days during the summer where I set up a tent on the beach and you could try boards for free, or Demo Rentals to rent from the shop and surf when/wherever you wanted, which had a pretty typical surfboard rental charge but anything you spent on Demo Rentals could be applied in full towards a custom surfboard within 90 days.

At this time and for the foreseeable future, Demo Days & Demo Rentals are on hold. While the Demo Days were a TON of fun being out there surfing with you all chatting about boards and surfing with everyone all day, and Demo Rentals were an awesome opportunity to have, they were also a TON of work, time & effort which I simply don't have to spare at this time - and I don't want to do anything that I can't give my all to. I do hope & plan to be able to offer them again in a limited capacity at some point in the future.

Do you hand shape or CNC machine your board shapes?

Both! The majority these days are individually designed, precision CNC machine cut and entirely hand finish shaped before moving onto the glassing phase. These are NOT pop-out boards. Quite the opposite, in fact. For anyone who says I put less love, sweat & tears into my CAD/CAM & hand finish shaped boards than my or anyone elses fully hand shaped boards, I STRONGLY encourage you to rethink that. I put the same love & care into all of my shapes, regardless of how I get them to their final shape. All that matters to me is that the final shape comes out as accurate & precise as possible.

Do you offer ding repair? If so, only on DaveySKY boards or any brand board?

Sure do! On any board. More info here: DaveySKY Professinoal Surboard Ding Repair

Where can you ship to?

I ship just about anywhere in the world! To properly ship surfboards with reliable carriers, shipping usually starts at around $200-300 domestically but depending on the location can vary quite a bit. Email us for a quick shipping price quote. Shipping costs can be pricey, but I can ship up 2 to 4 boards in the same box for the nearly the same shipping cost as just 1!!! Get some friends to order some boards with you, or order yourself a brand new quiver and get some serious savings per board on shipping costs. I also have access to an east coast private direct driver once or twice per month that usually falls within that $200-300 range. Any questions, just reach out!

Have a different question? Email [email protected] | Call 732.701.7SKY (7759) | or use the Live Chat to get in touch!