Custom Surfboard Order Form

Shortboards & Fishes up to 6'4 | $950-1000
Midlengths 6'6-8'0 | $1050-$1300
Longboards 8'6-9'6 | $1400-1550

General base pricing listed can vary slightly depending shape & dimension specifics. Supply chain issues & material costs may affect pricing slightly as well. For an exact base price on a specific board model, shape/dimensions, simply contact us for an exact quote.

Base prices include traditional PU/PE construction, single darkwood stringer, clear glassing up to 6+6/6 & reinforcing fin box glass patch, base fin box setup per model of your choice of FCS II or Futures boxes, leash rope & a beautiful sanded finish - using only the most premium quality materials & meticulous construction methods to the highest standards built start-to-finish by Davey.

Pre-order fins, leash, tail pad & board bag when ordering your board to have them waiting & ready for your board!


Natural (left foot forward)Goofy (right foot forward)


Resin TintAirbrush/Paint Spray Clear
Black Smoke
Dark Smoke
Smoke Grey
Light Grey
Atlantic Navy
Malta Blue
Deep Sky
Light Sky
Burnt Orange
Deep Violet

Rail Spray Clean
Rail Spray Fade
Deck Spray

Diamond Cursive
Cursive Wordmark
Diamond Legacy D
Legacy Performance Logopack
FocusFlex Logopack

Pinlines ($50 per)
Reinforcing Tail Patches (carbon, etc) ($30)
Fiberglass Deck Tail Patch ($20-30)
Fiberglass 3/4 Deck Patch ($30-50)
Custom Stringer(s) ($ varies)

Please fill out the form as completely as possible so we have as much information to start with as possible. If you aren't sure which options you'd like for some of the fields, feel free to leave those sections blank and we will contact you to discuss and help choose the best option(s) for you. Please make sure that you fill out the Personal Details section as completely as possible, and for the Surfboard Details sections please select the board model you'd like at the very least.

By submitting this order form, your order and order details are not yet locked in. Once you submit your order form, we will review it and contact you typically within 24-48 hours to discuss and confirm all the details for your board, as well as answer any questions you may have. A 50% non-refundable deposit will then be required to begin building your board, and the remainder can be paid when you pick up your board or before your board is shipped out. Thanks!