"FocusFlex Technology is the difference between driving a Cadillac and a Formula 1 car."

-Danny V.

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FocusFlex Tech

What is FocusFlex Tech?

FocusFlex Tech is my proprietary hi-tech high performance construction developed to deliver the most energetic, explosive & dynamic surfing possible for critical, in-the-pocket surfing.

Allow me to note that there's quite a lot of B.S. marketed in the surf industry around the hi-tech constructions, but we're going to forgo all of that here and deal with facts.

What does FocusFlex Tech do?

As in it's name sake, the primary purpose FocusFlex Tech is to create & control the flex pattern of your surfboard, focusing the flex in your board where it's useful and stiffen the board elsewhere to harness as much energy & power as possible. The result of this is that more of your energy put into your board and wave energy pushing against your board is utilized rather than lost to an inefficient flex pattern, and all of your turns & maneuvers will be & feel more responsive, powerful & explosive than ever.

How does FocusFlex Tech work?

FocusFlex Tech utilizes a unique & specialized layup & placement of multiple technical composite materials to create its signature proprietary flex pattern & ride feel. These materials include carbon fiber, innegra, and unique fiberglass selections in a stringerless EPS/Epoxy construction. The decision was made to go stringerless so that the entirety of the flex pattern could be created & controlled, and EPS/Epoxy was chosen for its lighter, lively, energetic ride characteristics. Carbon fiber and the unique fiberglass selections are the primary materials utilized to create the base flex pattern while simultaneously putting the strength & structure into the board that a stringer would normally do to prevents buckles/snaps, and innegra is utilized to maintain an extremely long-lasting lively flex without interrupting flex where it's needed (preventing the board from losing its flex & liveliness overtime & becoming "dead" feeling) along with creating vibration dampening properties to keep the EPS/Epoxy construction feeling as smooth as possible.

Who & when is FocusFlex Tech best for?

FocusFlex Tech was designed for and therefore suited best for performance based shapes as well as surfers looking for maximum performance and/or the most dynamic, energetic ride characteristic possible. Orders do come in however for some non-performance shapes in FocusFlex Tech as well with rave reviews. Solid intermediate surfers and up will fully feel & experience all the advantages that FocusFlex Tech has to offer, however there is no inherent downside or challenge to a surfer with less experience and they can grow into the technology as they progress. FocusFlex Tech is a midweight epoxy construction, so while still lighter than traditional PU/PE boards, has a bit more weight than the majority of big name brand epoxy boards, making it not only more durable but more functional in less-than-stellar, typical conditions. FocusFlex Tech will surf its absolutely best in clean conditions (just as any other board), but is recommended up to about 15-20 mph offshore winds or up to about 10-12 mph sideshore/onshore. Much more than that and a PU/PE board will generally handle heavy winds and significant surface texture/chop a bit better. However that's ultimately more of a personal preference thing, and some customers find adverse conditions to be no problem on their FocusFlex Tech boards.

Why is FocusFlex Tech better than standard surfboard construction?

There is absolutely nothing inherently wrong with a standard stringered surfboard and one construction type isn't objectively better than other. However, in the realm of pushing the boundaries for the most high performance surfing, the nature of standard, stringered construction (or even many other stringerless constructions) does yield an inefficient flex pattern and therefore a lossy energy transfer from surfer to board to wave and back to board and surfer, along with being difficult to manage or control the flex pattern of the board. In a dedicated effort to develop a high performance surfboard specific flex pattern with a highly efficient energy transfer to turn as much of your energy and wave energy into utilized power, FocusFlex Tech was born.

Which shapes/models do you recommend ordering in FocusFlex Tech?

I always recommend reaching out so I can learn specifically about your surfing style & preferences to make the best recommendation, but in general I recommend and/or prefers FocusFlex Tech for:

Turbo Ripper
Turbo Dream

"Technical perfection."

-Matt P.

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FocusFlex Tech