My core aspiration here at DaveySKY Surfboards is to create inspiration & enrichment in your surfing. If you feel anywhere near as proud to order, own & surf one of my boards as I do, then you’re in the right place.


I am a start to finish custom surfboard builder, meaning that I build every single one of my boards in their entirety from start to finish myself in my humble shop in Manasquan, Monmouth County, New Jersey. From designing to shaping to glassing to colorwork to sanding; every single board since I founded DaveySKY Surfboards in 2012. I am obsessed with perfection and working solo enables me the full control and intimate familiarity not only with every single board, but every single step of the process in its entirety along the way. That process doesn’t start with your board though, it starts with you.

You and me, to be exact. I am dedicated to custom surfboards made to order. Your custom surfboard starts with a conversation directly with me, the person designing and building your surfboard in its entirety, to answer every question you have along the way and so I can make educated, personalized and dedicated recommendations for your boards and help educate you on surfboard design and construction along the way. That is a very important and core component of my process and something I do with each and every one of my customers for every single board.

As the surfboard industry as almost a whole continues to grow bigger and wider, I choose to grow smaller; more focused and refined. My goal day in and day out is to build the best surfboards your hard earned money can buy, from the best quality materials chosen, to the meticulous construction methods, to refined shape designs, beautiful aesthetics and unmatched customer experience in and out of the water.

Everything on this website, every conversation we have is designed to put you on the best surfboard possible. The foundation of DaveySKY Surfboards is honesty, longevity, trust, quality and mutual respect. I am not here to make the most surfboards, I am here to make not only the best surfboards, but specially the best surfboards for YOU individually. I promise to do everything in my knowledge, experience and power to deliver that for you.

Thank you for visiting, reading & considering ordering a surfboard from me. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any and all questions, I’m here to help!

Stay stoked & have a rad day...