Professional Surfboard Ding Repair

Professional surfboard repairs by a professional surfboard builder done with the same exact top quality materials Davey uses to build his custom surfboards. No Suncure/Ding-All crap or any other inferior materials that result in sub-par repairs. If you care about your board, bring it to us. We only do the best repair work possible to get your board back in the absolute best shape, strength & aesthetic possible.

Pricing will vary depending on the severity of damage & board construction/materials required, but we can easily provide a price quote via email [email protected] or the Live Chat function before you come into the shop if you'd like. Simply send over photo(s) of the damage for an approximate price quote. Please note exact pricing can only be determined once we're able to physically inspect the board in person at our shop.

DaveySKY Ding Repair Services Include:

Cracks / Dings / Dents / Chips / Punctures / Shatters / Fin Gouges
of all sizes

Nose or Tail Rebuilds

Rail Damage

Leaky Leash Plugs

Fin Box Repairs or Replacements
Futures | FCS | Longboard/single fin boxes
done the right way!


Buckles / Breaks / Snaps

keep in mind resto's are expensive

Color Matching
as closely as humanly possible!

Construction & Materials We Fix:

PU/PE (Traditional Poly)




Varial Foam

Carbon Fiber


SUP / Paddleboard / Hydrofoil / Foil Board Repairs:

We offer all the same repair services on these boards. Pricing is typically more expensive on any of these types of boards compared to surfboards due to their construction & inherently required additional steps for repair.