Model Beach Cruiser Mark II
Class Cruiser/Noserider Hybrid Longboard
Rocker Semi-low nose / Moderate tail
Rails Semi-pinched soft 60/40, slight tucked edge behind fin
Bottom Contours Slight rolled bottom with flow-through single concave nose, light vee double tail
Ideal Conditions Average to good conditions, summer, soft, slopey.
Ideal Wave Range 1' - 3'
Functional Range 0.5' - 4'

The Beach Cruiser Mark II is, is the simplest terms, a more versatile edition of the original no-frills Beach Cruiser (be sure to give the original Beach Cruiser's description a read if you haven't yet). The Mark II is essentially the with-frills version. The rocker & outline are based largely off the original Beach Cruiser to provide a very similar top-notch wave catching and cruisey, easy riding longboard. While the original Beach Cruiser edges out the Mark II in top-end speed and stability, the Mark II offers a walkable, noserideable longboard with a more sensitive feel and a little more peppy turning radius & response. It's quite a versatile modern single fin longboard.

The similar outline & rocker as the original Beach Cruiser, now aptly named the Beach Cruiser Mark I, result in a very similar wave catching and easy, cruisey rides. The bottom contours & rails are the major differeniators. The Beach Cruiser Mark II is a multi-tool, so if you're looking for a more purebred noserider and noseriding is far-and-wide the most important aspect of your new longboard to you, check out the Rhythm. But the Mark II walks from tail-to-nose and noserides very well for those who definitively want that capability and more. The slightly wider, squashed-off tail shape adds more pep, energy and just a bit of pop to the turns off the tail.

Length Width Thickness
8'9 22 5/8 3
9'0 22 3/4 3 1/16
9'2 23 3 1/8
9'5 23 3 3/16
All dimensions are customizable.

Reviews coming soon!

Recommended setup for your Beach Cruiser: