Model: Banana Leaf

Board Design Type: Performance Hybrid Longboard / Mini-Longboard

Rocker: Option 1: hybrid performance (low nose, exaggerated tail) / Option 2: traditional performance (high nose, medium tail) / Option 3: retro (low nose, low tail)

Rails: thin/medium performance

Ideal Conditions: average to good conditions, summer, soft, slopey, open faces, bowly, barreling (rocker dictated)

Ideal Wave Height Range: 2' - 6'

Min/Max Recommended Wave Height Range: 1' - Head and a half


The Banana Leaf is a modern performance hybrid longboard that has a unique blend of time-tested classic performance longboard design with modern longboard and shortboard characteristics for improved performance and extreme versatility. For we're introducing 3 rocker options! Option 1 (low nose, exaggerated tail) is the original Banana Leaf rocker, most notable for its incredible on-wave and in the pocket feel. Option 2 (high nose, medium tail) is a more traditional high performance longboard rocker, enabling later/steeper drops and more vertical snaps and turns. Option 3 (low nose/low tail) is a retro style rocker designed for fast trimming, tons of paddle power and inherent speed. Moderate single concave under the nose fades to double concave in the center of the board, which carries through out the tail while a light spiral vee fades in through the rear third of the board. Works great as either a single fin (especially with a flex fin) or 2+1. Surf it hard from the tail, trim and cruise from the center or walk it up to the nose. A super versatile, easy surfing, great feeling performance board.

Length Width Thickness
7'0 21 1/2 2 3/4
7'6 21 3/4 2 3/4
8'0 22 2 7/8
8'6 22 3/8 2 15/16
9'0 22 3/4 3
9'6 23 3 1/8

All dimensions are customizable.

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