MODEL   |     Bombshell

BOARD TYPE   |     Performance Hybrid Step Up

NOSE ROCKER   |     moderate, semi-staged/continuous

TAIL ROCKER   |     moderate, semi-staged/continuous

RAILS   |     performance

IDEAL CONDITIONS   |     average to epic conditions, critical, hollow, barrels, down the line

IDEAL WAVE HEIGHT   |     6'-10'

MIN/MAX RECOMMENDED RANGE   |     5' - Double Overhead+

IN 3 WORDS   |     fast, barrels, confidence!


If this is the board under your arm as you walk towards the water, you're about to have an epic day. Introducing the Bombshell: curvy yet sleek, sexy and a bit mysterious. Is your heart pumping yet? Well, honestly, it should be. The Bombshell is a performance hybrid step up designed for critical, barreling and fast, down the line surf, with an emphasis on big barrels. It's designed to get in early for that extra precious moment to give you a bit of a ramp to drop in rather than H-bomb air drops. It hides a fair amount of foam and surface area while maintaining some reasonably knifey rails plus a forward wide point - that means it has a healthy yet appropriate amount of float and a significantly longer rail line than a typical high performance shortboard or step up of its given length, so you don't have to get the Bombshell in a typical step up length if you don't want can go shorter! That provides the advantage of increased agility and manueverability. The Bombshell is a phenomenal supplement to anyone's quiver, either to stand on its own or to offer an alternative to a typical "potato chip" step up for more float, paddle power and fun factor - all in a high performance package designed to handle the heaviest and hollowest conditions that winter (or any other big wave season or surf trip) can offer.

The pin tail isn't super/overly narrow, so it can still crank some pretty nice turns, too. Don't be shy about wanting to tweak the dimensions or tail shape on this one - it can really help make it suit your own style. As always, any and all dimensions are customizable.

Length Width Thickness Volume
5'10 18 3/4 2 1/2 29.8 L
6'0 19 2 5/8 32.7 L
6'3 19 5/16 2 11/16 35.6 L
6'6 19 5/8 2 3/4 38.5 L
6'9 19 13/16 2 7/8 42.2 L
7'0 20 1/4 3 46.6 L
7'3 20 1/2 3 48.9 L
7'6 20 1/2 3 50.4 L

All dimensions are customizable.

• The Bombshell is very friendly to thickness/foil and width adjustments to tailor it to your personal preferences for volume/float, stability, duck diving, etc. Get in touch with us today to start designing your custom Bombshell!

Customer Reviews

Danny V. - Philly, PA
6'2 Bombshell in FocusFlex Tech
6'6 Bombshell in PU/PE

"I recently had a 3 week work trip to Hawaii and knew I would have some time off and got a chance to put my FocusFlex Bombshell and FocusFlex Jet into some pumping north shore surf. First: the Bombshell at Pipeline was off the hook. Riding a 6'2 in 6 to 10 foot pipe - and a few at Backdoor - was a little sketchy at first but I was able to hold my own." Danny ordered a 6'6 Bombshell right after he got back from Hawaii.