MODEL   |     Keeper

BOARD TYPE   |     modern east coast retro fish

ROCKER   |     relatively low to moderate. fish rocker but slightly continuous curve inspired

RAILS   |     performance down fish rails. flat deck to bevelled rail at nose and center, domed at tail

IDEAL CONDITIONS   |     summer waves, soft, slopey, weak, almondy, fast.

IDEAL WAVE HEIGHT   |     2' - 4'


IN 3 WORDS   |     Fast, drivey, loose (turns).


The Keeper is my modernized take on a retro fish, with some sleek modifications for added functionality while keeping maintaining the classic fish feel and style. Forward widepoint, but not too far forward; just enough to create the fish outline and curves, but keeping the widepoint closer to your body for increased responsiveness around turns and tighter arcs. The rocker is retro fish based, but is somewhat low and has a continous curve influence to further increase the responsiveness and predictability through turns.

Deck is flat from the nose through the mid section with a beveled rail, and then fades to a domed deck under the back foot and through the tail for a more even volume distribution out to the rail for packing the volume to go short, which adding predictability around turns. The bottom is primiarily flat from nose to mid with a light double with vee through the rear third and exit of the board. It looks quite simplistic - and in some ways it is!...but the subtle changes to a typical retro fish make some serious increases to the predictability and turning responsiveness comparatively. Twin keel or quad, but highly recommended as a twin keel. The FCS II Modern Keel twin fins pair incredibily, or custom glass ons are a nice touch as well. The Keeper has a place in just about any surfers quiver. Whenever you go fishing, you always want to catch a keeper...

Length Width Thickness Volume
4'8 19 1/2 2 5/16 23.5 L
4'10 19 1/4 2 3/8 25.5 L
5'0 19 1/2 2 7/16 27.3 L
5'2 20 2 1/2 29.7
5'4 20 1/2 2 9/16 32.2 L
5'6 21 2 5/8 35.0 L
5'8 21 1/2 2 11/16 38.1 L
5'10 22 2 3/4 41.0 L
6'0 22 1/4 2 13/16 43.7 L
6'2 22 1/2 2 7/8 46.4 L
6'4 22 3/4 3 49.3 L

All dimensions are customizable.

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