MODEL   |     Reviver

BOARD TYPE   |     performance based small/soft wave hybrid/groveler shortboard

NOSE ROCKER   |     ultra low, continuous

TAIL ROCKER   |     ultra low, continuous

RAILS   |     medium performance, with hidden bevel from (almost) flat deck

IDEAL CONDITIONS   |     summer waves, soft, slopey, weak.

IDEAL WAVE HEIGHT   |     1.5' - 3.5'


IN 3 WORDS: Agile, snappy, smooth.


The Reviver does exactly what its name implies: revives summer sessions! The Reviver is designed to deliver a performance surfing experience in the summer months, or when the waves are weak, soft and/or slopey - it's the ULTIMATE mush machine. The Reviver in small, weak surf feels like a high performance shortboard in good, sizable surf. It's actually also a great board in the winter when we get those ample 2'+- super clean wave days because the extra volume this board carries can also easily accommodate for the extra wetsuit weight. It's designed to be able to be ridden shorter than any other performance based board in our model line. The extreme shortness of the board translates to extreme agility - it turns on a dime. But the real beauty is that it doesn't feel too loose or squirrely, it maintains incredible control even in its small package. The deep double concave throughout provides the speed and drive you need in summer waves. The almost flat deck rolls into a hidden bevelled rail to remove volume to allow you to sink your rails easier while providing the float you need. Paddling is near effortless. Drive down the line, make quick flowing turns, or even go vertical for snaps - the Reviver is a performance shortboarders' summer dream and consistently one of our top selling boards.

Length Width Thickness Volume
4'8 20 2 5/16 25.5 L
4'10 20 1/4 2 3/8 27.5 L
5'0 20 1/2 2 7/16 29.5 L
5'2 21 2 1/2 32.1 L
5'4 21 1/2 2 9/16 35.3 L
5'6 22 2 5/8 38.1 L
5'8 22 1/4 2 3/4 41.3 L
5'10 22 5/8 2 7/8 44.8 L
6'0 22 7/8 3 48.9 L

All dimensions are customizable.

Customer Reviews

Tom J. - LBI, NJ
5'5 Reviver

"I couldn't have been any happier with the craftsmanship of the board. My first reaction, when I jumped in the ocean, was how well it paddled. I was amazed how easy I caught the first wave. Once on the wave, the Reviver was fast and turned easily. Two hours later all I could think about was how satisfied I was with the board. It exceeded all my expectations. The Reviver will definitely be my go to board from now on. I will definitely be reaching out to Dave for my future board needs. Thanks Dave!!!"

Bob D. - Brooklyn, NY
5'4 Reviver

"The 5'4 Reviver worked like amazing in the head high glassy slabs in Rockaway Sunday morning. Rocked my best Justin Adams for three hours. Favorite board to date."