Model Banana Leaf
Class Performance hybrid longboard/mini-longboard
Rocker Options
    Option 1     Hybrid Performance | low/medium nose, moderately aggressive tail
    Option 2     High Performance | modern aggressive nose & tail
Rails Soft chined 60/40 at nose, soft performance at mid, high performance at tail
Bottom Contours Flow through single to light double to double vee
Ideal Conditions Average to good conditions, summer, soft, slopey, open faces, bowly, barreling (rocker dictated)
Ideal Wave Range 2' - 6'
Functional Range 1' - Head and a half

The Banana Leaf is a modern performance hybrid longboard that has a unique blend of time-tested classic performance longboard design with modern longboard and shortboard characteristics for improved performance and extreme versatility. The most amazing part about the Banana Leaf isn't how versatile it is - but how well it performs and excels in all aspects of its versatility.

Fairly deep single concave under the nose fades directly into a light double concave in the center of the board, which carries through and deepens in the tail while a light spiral vee fades in through the rear third of the board. Works incredibly as either a single fin (especially with a flex fin), 2+1, or Quad+1. Surf it hard from the tail, trim and cruise from the center or walk it up to the nose. A super versatile, well-controlled, great feeling performance hybrid longboard.


Option 1: Hybrid Performance
Modern Low-Medium Nose / Moderately Aggressive Tail

The Option 1 / Hyrbid Performance rocker is the original Banana Leaf rocker, most notable for its incredible combination of on-wave and in the pocket feel as well as enchanced walk-ability/noseride-abiity. The most popular rocker option and the better choice for most small to medium waves. Beginner - Advanced surfers.

Option 2: High Performance
Moderately Aggressive Nose / Aggressive Tail

The Option 2 / High Performance rocker has a touch more tail rocker and a significant amount of additional nose rocker, closer to a more traditional high performance longboard rocker (though not totally rockered out; has a more modern nose rocker, reducing excess/unnecessary nose rocker), enabling later/steeper drops, more vertical maneuvering and general better handling of bigger, steeper, faster conditions. Intermediate - Advanced surfers.


Squash Tail

The most classic performance longboard tail shape. Your board will "bounce" or "pop" from rail-to-rail the quickest with the squash tail and maintain the most lift to the tip of the tail for extra speed in smaller, softer conditions. The original tail shape for the Banana Leaf, and the best option for those looking for the most agility and turning performance with a hint of looseness.

Diamond Tail

Similar to the squash tail, but with slightly reduced surface area. Provides a good chunk of the rail-to-rail bounce/pop and lift that the squash tail offers, but with enhanced grip and a slightly smoother rail-to-rail transition. An excellent choice for those who mainly plan on surfing their Banana Leaf in small/medium surf, but would like a little extra grip in some more sizeable/punchy/pitchy conditions.

Pin Tail

A pin tail will offer a noticeable change in ride-feel from the squash or diamond tail. The continuously tapering surface area results in more grip, bite and smoothness while drawing out the turning radius and adding control. Therefore, the pin tail surfs best in pitchier conditions and excels in medium+ sized surf.

Length Width Thickness
7'6 21 3/4 2 3/4
8'0 22 2 7/8
8'6 22 3/8 2 15/16
9'0 22 3/4 3
9'6 23 3 1/8
All dimensions are customizable.

Order the Banana Leaf if:
⬩ Medium sized waves are most important with great small wave ability.
⬩ Versatility across a variety of wave shapes from soft to pitchy is important.
⬩ Turning performance & agility are the most important aspects of your longboard.

Consider the Beach Cruiser if:
⬩ Small surf is most important to you with nice medium wave ability.
⬩ Supreme paddle power, speed & long easy rides are most important to you.
⬩ Noseriding and turning performance are not important to you.

Consider the Beach Cruiser Mark II if:
⬩ Small surf is most important to you with nice medium wave ability.
⬩ You want the paddling & speed of a cruiser but some of the walkability of a noserider.

Consider the Rhythm if:
⬩ Small surf is most important to you with nice medium wave ability.
⬩ Noseriding is most important to you.

Recommended setup for your Banana Leaf: