MODEL   |     Banana Leaf

BOARD TYPE   |     Performance Hybrid Longboard / Mini-Longboard

OPTION 1 ROCKER   |     hybrid performance: low nose, moderately aggressive tail

OPTION 2 ROCKER   |     functional performance: moderately aggressive nose & tail

OPTION 3 ROCKER   |     retro: low nose & tail

RAILS   |     chined 60/40 at nose, soft performance at mid, high performance at tail

IDEAL CONDITIONS   |     average to good conditions, summer, soft, slopey, open faces, bowly, barreling (rocker dictated)

IDEAL WAVE HEIGHT   |     2' - 6'

MIN/MAX RECOMMENDED RANGE   |     1' - Head and a half


The Banana Leaf is a modern performance hybrid longboard that has a unique blend of time-tested classic performance longboard design with modern longboard and shortboard characteristics for improved performance and extreme versatility. The most amazing part about the Banana Leaf isn't how versatile it is - but how well it performs and excels in all aspects of its versatility.

We've introduced 3 rocker options (described in "Details" section above)!:
Option 1 is the original Banana Leaf rocker, most notable for its incredible on-wave and in the pocket feel, as well as enchanced walk-ability/noseride-abiity.
Option 2 is a more traditional high performance longboard rocker (though not totally rockered out), enabling later/steeper drops and more vertical snaps and turns.
Option 3 is a retro style rocker designed for fast trimming, tons of paddle power and inherent speed - but utilized in smaller or softer conditions.

Fairly deep single concave under the nose fades directly into a light double concave in the center of the board, which carries through and deepens in the tail while a light spiral vee fades in through the rear third of the board. Works incredibly as either a single fin (especially with a flex fin), 2+1, or Quad+1. Surf it hard from the tail, trim and cruise from the center or walk it up to the nose. A super versatile, easy surfing, great feeling performance hybrid longboard.

Length Width Thickness
7'0 21 1/2 2 3/4
7'6 21 3/4 2 3/4
8'0 22 2 7/8
8'6 22 3/8 2 15/16
9'0 22 3/4 3
9'6 23 3 1/8

All dimensions are customizable.


Reviews coming soon!