Model Beach Cruiser
Class Cruiser longboard
Rocker Semi-low/moderate, continuous
Rails Full, soft & stable. Short tucked hard edge tail
Bottom Contours Light belly to light vee double
Ideal Conditions Below average to good conditions, summer, soft, slopey.
Ideal Wave Range 1' - 3'
Functional Range 0.5' - 4'

The Beach Cruiser is a no-frills cruiser-style longboard that pairs perfectly with the no-frills longboarder. No-frills means that the Beach Cruiser can do exactly what it was designed to do with nothing holding it back: catch a TON of waves with supreme ease & get long, cruisey rides from the peak to sand every opportunity. Shape properties that elicit noseriding or high performance turning generally detract somewhat from supreme ease of wave catching, or long, effortless rides. So if noseriding or hard turns aren't your thing on a longboard but as many waves as you can possibly catch and the longest, easiest rides possible are your thing, then look no further; I designed the Beach Cruiser just for surfers like you.

The Beach Cruiser is all about long, cruisey, chill rides, just like you would on the boardwalk or Ocean Ave at your local beach on your beach cruiser bike. No worries, no stress. An excellent longboard for beginners or experts alike. It handles soft, mushy, high-tidey surf as well as small but typically fast waves as well as the pulled-in round tail fits snuggly in the pocket. The reasonably prominent hard edge in the tail creates both extra speed for fast waves as well as a very nicely turning board. It's flowy & responds readily for trimming adjustments and cutting back to the pocket. Width and thickness are very friendly to adjustments to your liking.

Length Width Thickness
8'0 22 1/2 2 7/8
8'6 22 1/2 3
8'8 22 9/16 3
9'0 22 5/8 3 1/8
9'2 22 3/4 3 1/8
9'6 23 3 1/4
9'8 23 1/8 3 1/4
10'0 23 1/4 3 5/16
All dimensions are customizable.

Reviews coming soon!

Recommended setup for your Beach Cruiser: