MODEL   |     Beach Cruiser

BOARD TYPE   |     Cruiser Longboard

ROCKER   |     semi low/moderate, continuous

RAILS   |     50/50 nose, soft 60/40 performance center, slight tucked hard edge tail

IDEAL CONDITIONS   |     below average to good conditions, summer, soft, slopey, open faces; beach break

IDEAL WAVE HEIGHT   |     1' - 4'



There are some days that you need as much paddle power and speed as possible for making the most of fast, sectiony, racing waves. There are some surfers who are just primarily down-the-line surfers in just about any conditions. Either way: a naturally fast, stable, forgiving longboard is critical. The key component to the Beach Cruiser is not only having those qualities, but doing so while blending a really nice, soulful and flowly ride-feel. There are heaps of longboards on the market that catch waves well and are fast, but their ride-feels in trim and through turns tends to be lackluster. The Beach Cruiser's balance of those components are it's magic.

The Beach Cruiser is all about long, cruisey, chill rides, just like you would on the boardwalk or Ocean Ave at your local beach on your beach cruiser bike. No worries, no stress. The Beach Cruiser was designed to be a super easy paddling, wave catching and riding surfboard for beginners to experts alike. All about maxing out your wave count in the summer, the Beach Cruiser is a wave catching machine on any small to medium day, especially on days that aren't allowing for many cutbacky-turns and are just peeling fast straight down the line. The Beach Cruiser is designed to be fast to ensure you make every section possible and get rides all the way to the sand. Moderately low continuous rocker, slight belly in the nose with 50/50 rails enable some nice walkability most of the length of the board, and medium-full but soft and forgiving down-style-inspired rails in the center for speed production and stability and a slightly tucked hard edge in the tail for release and speed. Double with vee in the back 1/3 of the board helps to channel water between the center fin and the rail, allowing a bit of water compression and direction for a bit of speed generation down the line when needed, while still trimming and flowing beautifully. It's a touch narrower than some classic longboards to keep on-wave speed a notch up as well as fit more comfortably and naturally in the pitchy pockets and walls we get here on the east coast even when it's small, but still has the same float and paddle power as if it were wider from extra foam packed in to the shape. The width, thickness and foil are all easy to play with for the Beach Cruiser as necessary to customize is perfectly for you depending on the level of ease vs performance you want.

Length Width Thickness
8'0 22 1/2 2 7/8
8'6 22 1/2 3
8'8 22 9/16 3
9'0 22 5/8 3 1/8
9'2 22 3/4 3 1/8
9'6 23 3 1/4
9'8 23 1/8 3 1/4
10'0 23 1/4 3 5/16

All dimensions are customizable.


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