Model Charger
Class Midlength Step-up
Nose Rocker Moderate, semi-staged
Tail Rocker Moderate, semi-staged
Rails Medium yet forgiving performance
Bottom Contours Single to double + vee
Ideal Conditions Average to epic conditions, slopey open faces to fast pitchy walls, light to heavy winds.
Ideal Wave Range 5' - 8'
Functional Range 4' - Head and a half+

The Charger is my midlength step-up, designed around bigger & plus-sized surf those who want to paddle out and charge during fun-sized and storm swells but don't want a traditional shortboard or step-up with minimal volume, length, width and surface area along with some of the minimized quality-of-life characteristics that naturally accompany those types of shapes during the majority of our time in the water on larger days (paddling, battling current & winds, getting into waves early, etc). Yet, the Charger still has plenty of performance qualities that make it feel right at home when your feet are in the wax as well.

The Charger is quite a versatile bigger-wave board; not just pigeon-holed for straight-shooting. It handles conditions varying from big, fast walls & speedy down the line surfing to fat, slopey high tide waves that have push but are a struggle on a shorter, narrower board. A mainstay of the Charger's design is to enable you to sit farther outside and get into waves early to give you that extra precious second or two to set up for the wave to wall up and throw on the inside - avoiding as many of those pesky late/air-drops as humanly possible. The mid-wide & “just-enough” rocker platform provide a comfortable & stable foundation with lots of paddle power - while, the performance rails, aggressive bottom contours, refined profiling & conservative taper at the nose & tail enable the grip, hold & power need to crush some big bottom turns, monster carves & barrel hunting.

As I mentioned, the Charger is a very versatile board across a multitude of fun-sized & bigger wave conditions, with its only real crux being dredging low tide when there's just absolutely no time to get it early. Not to say that the Charger can't handle it under a competent surfer's feet, but that's where boards with maximized "sink and hold" like traditional shortboards/step-ups will shine. That said, one of my favorite conditions for the Charger is for mid-to-high tide on days of size along when a lot of surfers are sitting on the sidelines or missing fun waves with lots of turning potential because their more traditional shortboards/step-ups can't quite handle the slopier conditions. It's also a great board for battling heavy offshore winds with its premium paddle power.

"Is the Charger more of a beginner board?" ABSOLUTELY NOT! Surfers ranging from low intermediate up to expert order & love the Charger. While it is an excellent option for surfers just starting to get in the bigger wave game, and is also a beautiful choice for those that struggle with paddle power, perfect wave positioning, shallow/late drops, mobility in all the winter rubber or otherwise, etc - it's simply an awesome standlone offering for bigger surf as an alternative flavor to more traditional step-ups for added bigger wave versatility & user-friendliness. I have PLENTY of advanced-to-expert customers who surf & love their Chargers.

The Charger is a pocket/wall monster and therefore a phenomenal down-the-line board, but is also very adept at big bottom turns, carves, cutbacks, etc. I prefer the Charger as a quad, but feel free to order yours as a 5-fin tri/quad convertible to have the option to surf it as both and decide which fin setup(s) your prefer in different conditions.

Length Width Thickness
5'10 19 1/2 2 1/2
6'0 20 2 9/16
6'6 20 1/2 2 5/8
6'9 21 2 3/4
7'0 21 1/2 2 3/4
7'6 22 2 7/8
All dimensions are customizable.

Order the Charger if:
⬩ Bigger surf is most important for this board across a variety of wave shapes & conditions.
⬩ Optimal paddle power and early wave entry is important for bigger and tougher wave conditions.
⬩ Down-the-line surf and long rides are most important, both going for barrels and racing fast sections from the pocket to out on the shoulder.

Consider the Bombshell if:
⬩ Bigger, hollower surf is most important for this board.
⬩ You're more focused on surfing in the pocket and hunting for barrels and while you prefer early entry as often as possible, find yourself in late drops occassionally to somewhat regularly.
⬩ Supreme in-the-pocket rail and tail hold is desired.

Consider the Coconut if:
⬩ A blend of performance and user-friendliness is important as you're not the most aggressive surfer but don't just stand there & cruise either.
⬩ An all-around board for a variety of wave shapes are important, not just for bigger walls and barrels, and top-to-bottom surfing is important as well.
⬩ A variety a medium and bigger surf is important.

Recommended setup for your Charger: