MODEL   |     Coconut

BOARD TYPE   |     Midlength/Egg/Funshape

NOSE ROCKER   |     moderate / staged

TAIL ROCKER   |     moderate / staged

RAILS   |     medium/full soft

IDEAL CONDITIONS   |     average to good conditions, summer, soft, slopey, open faces

IDEAL WAVE HEIGHT   |     2' - 5'

MIN/MAX RECOMMENDED RANGE   |     1' - Head+ (dependent on board size)

IN 3 WORDS   |     laid-back, flowy, fun.


The Coconut is a midlength egg/fun shape designed to boost any surfer's wave count. The Coconut is designed around pure fun while allowing great maneuverability. The Coconut comes in a variety of sizes. Sizes 5'0 - 6'6 surf great as either a single fin or as a Quad+1, and sizes 6'9 - 8'0 come standard as a 2+1. Any option is available for any size. You'll be able to glide into just about anything with incredible ease, including the small summer stuff. It works really well on softer, slopey bigger days, too. The Coconut isn't about having an angry look on your face all day and slapping the water out of frustration. It's about getting more waves in one day than you knew was even possible, having tons of fun, and improving your surfing skills. The Coconut improves your shortboard skills, too!

Length Width Thickness
6'6 21 1/2 2 5/8
6'9 21 5/8 2 11/16
7'0 21 3/4 2 3/4
7'6 21 7/8 2 13/16
8'0 22 3

All dimensions are customizable.


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