160 lbs

Favorite NJ Wave
Home base/Monmouth County with a big south swell

Favorite non-NJ Wave
Ask me again after I go to the Mentawais in a few months

Favorite Music/Bands
Red Hot Chilli Peps, especially John Furshante (I love his solo stuff too)

Traveling and surfing are my top 2, and they play off each other wonderfully. For me there is nothing better than experiencing a new place, learning from their culture, and ideally, scoring waves. I love trying to play guitar, and the occasional Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Session. Lastly, I enjoy videography and editing.

Favorite Board Currently
Currently 5’9 Turbo Ripper, but likely my new 6'3.5 Pipe Dream once I the barrel of my life on it (I love step-ups).

Why I Ride for DaveySKY Surfboards
Davey is a master at knowing what any given surfer needs under their feet. The ability to have a 1-on-1 conversation with someone who knows as much about rocker, concaves, foils and everything else that goes into a magic blade allows anyone to find exactly what they are looking for in a surfboard no matter the skill level or riding preference. In my opinion, this type of 1-on-1 shaper to surfer relationship will always far surpass going into a board shop and buying a board off the rack. On top of that, Davey's craftsmanship is beyond top notch, the guy is a perfectionist. From cruising down the line to blowing tail, Davey is your guy.

Words of Advice
Take off deep and pump hard. Also find something that is constructive and makes you happy and do the f*ck outta it, our time on the ol' planet has a limit.

Wildcard/Make Your Own Question: Favorite Surfer & Why?
Nate Florence and Gabriel Medina! Nate is my hero for charging the scariest waves all over the planet all while keeping a GoPro in his mouth to bring us the stoke. His videos are so authentic and fun, my YouTube is fully inspired by him. Gabby is tied with Nate as my favorite because of how hard he rips and how he's willing to do whatever it takes to secure the win, and he charges and isn't afraid to do the biggest turn on the biggest section.

5'9 Turbo Ripper
6'3.5 Pipe Dream
5'4 Keeper