170-175 lbs

Favorite NJ Wave
When it's working properly, Sandy Hook

Favorite non-NJ Wave
Nica or Aus

Favorite Music/Bands
Huge range, but generally anything with a good groove gets my attention, from light & vibey to pretty heavy. Acoustic & electric. Massive influences to my guitar/music playing have been Dave Matthews Band, Andy McKee, Tommy Emmanuel, Van Halen, Dream Theater, Liquid Tension Experiment, Plini, Mateus Asato, Jakub Zytecki, Rabea Massaad, Umphrey's McGee, Snarky Puppy & Scary Pockets to name a few.

Surfing, Snowboarding, Splitboarding, Guitar & other instruments, Fly Fishing & Fly Tying, Hiking/Camping/Outdoorsy stuff, Competitive Paintball, and my Subaru.

Favorite Board Currently
Don't make me answer this haha. This answer probably changes everyday. But I'll answer different categories with my current answers and will try to remember to update this next year:

Smaller boards | The Skiff, Keeper & Keeper Plus are mainstays in my personal quiver and it's rare I head to check the waves without at least one of those with me. My Jet [AT rocker] in FocusFlex Tech is my go-to shortboard these days and has been for a while now for when it's firing. If I don't stop myself here, I'll just list all my boards haha.

Midlengths | The HSS probably gets the most water time, with the SS right behind it.

Longboards | Changes every summer. Last summer, Rhythm got the most water time.

Why I Ride for DaveySKY Surfboards

Words of Advice
Surf everything. Surf all styles & genres of boards. Surfing only one type of board is only experiencing one small corner of the surfing world. Experience the whole surfing world. Keep your mind open to all aspects of surfing, and don't let anyone tell you anything otherwise.

And please strive to be an archetype for surfers in & out of the water. Localism isn't cool. Neither is rolling up to a spot you don't frequent and dropping in on or paddling around people because you don't expect to be back any time soon. Much of surf culture is archaic and is solely in our hands & hearts to change & evolve for the betterment of surfing & surfers. Be kind & respectful to everyone; be a mentor, not a tormentor. Whether it's clearly a surfer's first time on a surfboard or the most experienced surfer at a spot. You aren't better than or more entitled to the ocean or waves than anyone else, and vice versa. We are all equals in & out of the water, and must do everything at all times to propel that to the forefront.

And please strive to protect our ocean & earth.

Wildcard/Make Your Own Question: What is your earliest memory?
I have two, and I'm not sure which was earlier, but I was very very young in both - couldn't talk yet for sure. The first, I was laying in a bassinet in the family room with my pacifier watching my dad standing in front of me playing guitar. The second, I was at the beach (what is still my home beach/home break today) in this yellow & black inflatable raft with my mom in the ocean. Both are short but concise, vivid memories. There is also some pretty hilarious home video evidence of me shoving handfuls of sand in my mouth at that beach.

Thank you everyone for your support. Have a rad day!

5'9 Jet
5'4 Skiff
5'6 Keeper
5'5 Beta Fish
5'9.5 Lust
6'10 HSS
7'7 Groove
8'5 Banana Leaf
9'2 Beach Cruiser Mark II