Model Groove
Class Speed Egg + Mini Glider
Nose Rocker Low + tip flip
Tail Rocker Moderate
Rails Progressive; pinched 50/50 nose, 60/40 semi-pinched center, 70/30 tail with hard edge
Bottom Contours Flow through single to double to spiral vee. Slight belly at rails.
Ideal Conditions Summer waves, soft, slopey, almondy, peeling, fast, almondy
Ideal Wave Range 1.5' - 4'
Functional Range 1' - 6'

The Groove is on the soulful end of my midlength offerings, and it's all about the ride-feel! Part speed egg, part mini-glider; it's designed to provide an easy yet sensitive, feel-good ride. It's NOT the board to be attacking the lip on or anything like that. Rather, it's meant to work with the flow of each wave. The Groove is designed to find, lock into and surf the pocket, with the semi-wide pin tail providing a super-smooth, fluid, connected ride. Designed to be walked, from the tail to cheater-5s, the Groove has a semi-pinched rail progression with a mild tucked hard edge in the tail, and progressive bottom contours to enable a beautiful blend of a trimmmy, sensitive wave-feedback feely ride yet just enough of positive response to keep the board feeling good when turns and minute adjustments are required. While the Groove can handle a variety of well, it was ideally designed for very typical east coast down-the-line pitchy, bowly beach break when you've got hollow little pockets and anything from short shoulders to long walls beyond it. Pop up, drop in the pocket, and let the wave create the groove...

The Groove was designed as a single fin, though there are the options to order it as a 2+1 for a litte extra insurance in bigger, hollower surf; or as a Quad+1 for added versatility and two very different ride-feels!

Length Width Thickness
6'5 20 3/4 2 3/4
6'11 21 2 3/4
7'3 21 1/4 2 3/4
7'7 21 9/16 2 7/8
7'11 21 7/8 2 15/16
8'1 22 1/8 3
All dimensions are customizable.

Reviews coming soon!

Recommended setup for your Groove: