Model Pipe Dream
Class High Performance Barrel Board / Step Up
Nose Rocker Aggressive, continuous
Tail Rocker Aggressive, continuous
Rails Thin performance
Bottom Contours Single
Ideal Conditions Barreling, hollow, pitching, good, bowly, punchy, powerful
Ideal Wave Range Head - Double Overhead
Functional Range 5' - Double+/Triple Overhead (board length dependent)

When the waves start throwing, you absolutely NEED the right board for those conditions. That board IS the Pipe Dream.

The Pipe Dream is a machine for barreling days, from break break drainers to reef break almonds. The Pipe Dream is a high performance barrel board designed primarily for good, pitchy, barrelling waves. It has a very similar outline and rocker as The Dream, but is a touch longer, a touch narrower, a bit more rocker and has a tight rounded pin tail. The Pipe Dream has the heart of a true barrel board, but is also designed to be put on rail on punchy open faces extremely well (read: turns well). Single concave carries through nearly the entire board to provide consistent lift, drive, responsiveness and just enough curve in the straight rail line. The Pipe Dream IS the board to create the confidence and board characteristics you need to make critical barrels. For the ultimate performance in sizeable almondy to draining and dredging barrels, the Pipe Dream is THE choice for storm swell and surf trips.

Length Width Thickness Volume
5'7.5 18 3/8 2 1/8 23.8 L
5'9.5 18 1/2 2 3/16 25.1 L
5'10.5 18 5/8 2 1/4 25.9 L
5'11.5 18 3/4 2 1/4 26.3 L
6'0.5 18 7/8 2 5/16 27.0 L
6'1.5 19 2 3/8 28.2 L
6'3.5 19 1/4 2 7/16 30.5 L
6'5.5 19 1/2 2 1/2 32.5 L
All dimensions are customizable.

Reviews coming soon!

Recommended setup for your Pipe Dream: