Model Rhythm
Class Noserider Longboard
Nose Rocker Fairly low
Tail Rocker Moderately accelerated without excess
Rails Soft semi-pinched 50/50 nose, 60/40 mid, 50/50 tail
Bottom Contours Deep spoon nose, light belly/rolled vee center deepening through tail
Ideal Conditions Average to good conditions, summer, soft, slopey, open faces, almondy
Ideal Wave Range 1.5' - 3'
Functional Range 1' - 4'

When noseriding is your ultimate focus & goal, you need the right board to get you there and maximize how often & how long you can spend on the nose. The Rhythm is my purebred but modern east coast/beach break purpose-built noserider. Rooted in the classic noserider design with a deep spoon nose concave, pinched 50/50 rails, low nose rocker and extra tail kick, the Rhythm has an adapted design to tailor it to quick, dynamic east coast style waves. With a bit more balanced feeling rocker curve from nose-to-tail and enough tail rocker & roll to fully enable easy noseriding but not so much to limit the board's agility or speed, the Rhythm delivers noseride after noserider as well as cruise and trim faster than a traditional noserider when the wave you paddle into isn't entirely noseride friendly, which is certainly an east coast reality. Ultimately, I wanted a true noserider that would be a pleasure to surf from wave start to wave end, from the moment you start paddling to the moment you kick out. Not just the noserides, but trimming, wiggling & turning. I wanted my noserider to surf with a smooth, consistent & uninterruptible rhythm. For the surfer looking to focus on noseriding and wants a finely-tuned, purpose-built board that's also a pleasure to surf in non-noserideable conditions, the Rhythm is for you.

Length Width Thickness
8'6 22 1/2 3
8'9 22 5/8 3
9'0 22 3/4 3
9'2 22 13/16 3 1/8
9'4 22 7/8 3 3/16
9'6 23 3 1/4
9'8 23 1/8 3 3/8
10'0 23 1/4 3 3/8
All dimensions are customizable.

Order the Rhythm if:
⬩ Small surf is most important to you with nice medium wave ability.
⬩ Noseriding is most important to you.

Consider the Beach Cruiser Mark II if:
⬩ Small surf is most important to you with nice medium wave ability.
⬩ You want the paddling & speed of a cruiser but some of the walkability of a noserider.

Consider the Beach Cruiser if:
⬩ Small surf is most important to you with nice medium wave ability.
⬩ Supreme paddle power, speed & long easy rides are most important to you.
⬩ Noseriding and turning performance are not of importance to you.

Consider the Banana Leaf if:
⬩ Medium sized waves are most important with great small wave ability.
⬩ Versatility across a variety of wave shapes from soft to pitchy is important.
⬩ Turning performance & agility are the most important aspects of your longboard.


Recommended setup for your Rhythm: