Model Rhythm
Class Beach Break Noserider
Nose Rocker Fairly low nose + slight flip
Tail Rocker Moderately accelerated without excess
Rails Soft semi-pinched 50/50 nose, 60/40 mid, 50/50 tail
Bottom Contours Deep spoon nose, light belly/rolled vee center deepening through tail
Ideal Conditions Average to good conditions, summer, soft, slopey, open faces, almondy
Ideal Wave Range 1.5' - 3'
Functional Range 1' - 4'

So you want to noseride in relatively short, quick east coast beach break waves? The Rhythm is my modern east coast/beach break purpose-built noserider. With a nod to the west coast California-style nose rider, the Rhythm has an adapted design to tailor it to quick, dynamic east coast style waves. With a more balanced rocker from nose-to-tail, the Rhythm has a little more nose rocker than what you'd typically find in a classic noserider to deal with small yet steep/pitchy beach break wave sections, and the little less tail rocker provides a welcomed touch more speed needed to deal with such variable, quick conditions. The Rhythm can deliver noserides as well as cruise and trim faster than a traditional noserider when the wave you paddle into isn't entirely noseride friendly (read: utility). For the surfer looking to focus on noseriding but wants a little more balance and utility in their board, the Rhythm is for you.

Length Width Thickness
8'6 22 1/2 3
8'9 22 5/8 3
9'0 22 3/4 3
9'2 22 13/16 3 1/8
9'4 22 7/8 3 3/16
9'6 23 3 1/4
9'8 23 1/8 3 3/8
10'1 23 1/4 3 3/8
All dimensions are customizable.

Reviews coming soon!

Recommended setup for your Rhythm: