Model Seahawk
Class Performance Hybrid Twin + Trailer
Rocker Moderate, fish/shortboard hybrid rocker
Rails Medium semi-soft performance, slight down
Bottom Contours Single with slot channel. Optional twin channel or quad radiating channels
Ideal Conditions Semi-soft to almondy, spring/fall to summery
Ideal Wave Range 3' - 5'
Functional Range 2' - 6'

The Seahawk is a versatile, functional performance twin + trailer. There are plenty of days checking the waves when they’re sort of fast, sort of lined up, but sort of sectiony...a lot of “sort of”. You can’t decide whether a performance shortboard would be the call to take advantage of the good sections here and there, or if a fish (or groveler) would be the better call for fast, down the line speed and utility (for instance, our Jet vs SEAHAWK models). That’s where the concept for the Seahawk came from - that “in-betweener” for days we actually see a lot of in spring, summer and fall.

The Seahawk features a very healthy paddle power with a mid-wide nose, bit of extra hidden foam in the center and chest of the board and a moderate shortboard/fish hybrid rocker. That, plus a twin + trailer fin setup creates a TON of on-wave speed to get down the line for the utility game. The fairly small, tight swallow tail with a wing-to-bump pull the outline in nicely through the tail to fit snuggly in hollower sections while (with the slot channel as well) adding bite and grip that makes the Seahawk quite adept at cranking out turns and semi-critical maneuvers in the pocket. The result is a really, REALLY fun, fast, versatile and functional board that can handle quite a variety of wave conditions. I love the FCS II MR twin + trailer set, personally, in the Seahawk.

I've added a second set of dimensions for a "Stubby Seahawk". The seed for the Stubby Seahawk was planted in my head from my own love of shorter & wider platforms and sprouted from some of my customers inquiring about a shorter, wider Seahawk. This will exist as a subset of dimensions rather than a totally separate model as they are extremely similar otherwise so I didn't feel a need for a separate model at this time to avoid adding unnecessary clutter to the model lineup. The Original/Standard dimensions are the unchanged Seahawk you've known & loved. The Stubby dimensions enable you to surf the board an inch or two shorter as it has a wider platform and a touch less rocker. You can consider the wave range of the Stubby dimensions to be 0.5'-1' lower than the Standard, and/or for a slightly softer wave with more bottom end to it rather than being more square/hollow - which the Standard dimensions handle better. The simplest way of looking at the Stubby dimensions set is a step-down Seahawk with a little less top end/hollow capability but more grovel-ability. Less rail hold, power & top speed precision, but more paddle power, slightly looser & more agile. While you should consider those differences, some surfers may simply prefer one dimension set over the other and can choose simple based on the general properties (hold/precision/power vs paddle/looser/small wave agility) rather than the ideal wave ranges.

Standard Seahawk Dimensions
5'2 18 11/16 2 1/4 24.5 L
5'4 18 15/16 2 5/16 26.5 L
5'6 19 7/16 2 3/8 28.8 L
5'8 19 15/16 2 7/16 31.5 L
5'10 20 7/16 2 1/2 33.8 L
6'0 20 15/16 2 9/16 36.5 L
6'2 21 7/16 2 5/8 39.4 L
6'4 21 3/4 2 3/4 43 L
Stubby Seahawk Dimensions
5'1 19 2 3/8 25.3 L
5'3 19 1/26 2 9/16 28 L
5'5 20 2 9/16 30.2 L
5'7 20 1/2 2 5'8 33.1 L
5'9 21 2 11/16 36 L
5'11 21 1/2 2 3/4 39.2 L
6'1 22 2 7/8 42 L
All dimensions are customizable.

Order the Seahawk if:
⬩ Medium sized waves are your focus, plus a little smaller and a little bigger.
⬩ You want a healthy amount of performance but more ease, user-friendliness, speed and fun-factor than a traditional performance shortboard.
⬩ You want a board capable of looser feeling or tighter feeling depending on the waves and your mood.

Consider the Keeper if:
⬩ You're looking for a medium wave fish with great small wave ability across a variety of wave shapes & tidal conditions.
⬩ Speed, flow & extreme fun are more important to you than vertical performance.
⬩ You want the full twin keel fish experience but prefer a more precise board.

Consider the Jet if:
⬩ Medium sized waves are your focus, plus a little smaller and a little bigger.
⬩ Optimal performance is most important to you.
⬩ Precision of maneuvers is more important than looseness.


Recommended setup for your Seahawk: