Model Skiff
Class Small/soft wave Twin Keel Fish
Rocker Ultra low
Rails Semi-soft, thickness custom tailored
Bottom Contours Light belly to vee double
Ideal Conditions Summery waves, soft, slopey, weak, almondy, fast.
Ideal Wave Range 1' - 3'
Functional Range tiny - 4'

Absolute small wave heaven.

Shortly after launching the Keeper, stoked customers requested a tiny/soft wave version of the Keeper that would feel and ride similarly but excelled in the smallest/weakest/softest surf possible. Little did they know that idea had been buzzing around in my head for a while already, but all your requests for it made it come to life!

The Skiff is much like its namesake: short, wide, flat & fast. The Skiff has the lowest rocker and widest tail block of any of my board models in order to create the extreme planing ability at low speeds and minimal wave energy. The design concepts remain very similar to its big brother, the Keeper, though modified to adapt to the shorter, wider, flatter shape.

I have two different deck designs available for the Skiff: the standard deck, which is an almost flat deck with a soft bevel to manage the rail thickness, which will maximize the volume/float/buoyancy -or- a soft slight concave deck, which will lower your center of gravity & increase the responsiveness of the board, though the volume will of course be slightly less at a given length.

The Skiff is very friendly to thickness adjustments, whether you like lots of foam and float, or prefer things a little sleeker and bladier. You should keep the board as short as you're comfortable with, as it packs an extreme amount of surface area into a very short space so you don't need much board length, which keeps the board super agile and able to turn on a dime. Small clean waves, time to take the Skiff out.


Blended Concave Deck

The blended concave deck shape is Davey's recommendation for the Skiff. It creates a slightly lower center of gravity (better for keeping momentum in smaller, weaker surf), creates a more instantaneous responsive and is incredibly comfortable for paddling as it cradles your ribcage and lets your core relax a little bit extra while you're paddling around the lineup. It has a slightly different on-wave feel than a standard dome deck, but is subtle and simply surfs amazing on the Skiff.

Dome Deck

Tried and true, if you prefer the more traditional dome deck design, you can order your Skiff that way. You'll get a tiny bit of extra volume with a dome deck as well.

4'10 20 3/4 2 3/8 29 L
5'0 21 2 7/16 31.1 L
5'2 21 1/8 2 1/2 33.1 L
5'4 21 1/4 2 9/16 35.5 L
5'6 21 1/2 2 5/8 38 L
5'8 22 2 11/16 41.8 L
5'10 22 3/4 2 3/4 to 3 44 to 49 L
All dimensions are customizable.

Order the Skiff if:
⬩ Tiny & small waves are more important than medium+ sized waves.
⬩ Softer, mushier waves are more important than pitchier waves.
⬩ You want the full twin keel fish experience but prefer a naturally looser board.

Consider the Keeper if:
⬩ You're looking for a medium wave fish with great small wave ability across a variety of wave shapes & tidal conditions.
⬩ Speed, flow & extreme fun are more important to you than vertical performance.
⬩ You want the full twin keel fish experience but prefer a more precise board.

Consider the Beta Fish if:
⬩ You're looking for a medium wave fish with great small wave ability in mostly soft-to-almondy waves.
⬩ You want a fast board that's naturally somewhat loose but also has precision to play with vertical surfing.
⬩ You're torn between a groveler shortboard and a twin keel fish.


Recommended setup for your Skiff: