Model Turbo Dream
Class High Performance Shortboard
Nose Rocker Moderate/aggressive, continuous
Tail Rocker Aggressive, continuous
Rails Medium performance
Bottom Contours Single to double
Ideal Conditions Summer waves, soft, slopey, weak, almondy, beach break.
Ideal Wave Range 4' - 1' or 2' Overhead
Functional Range 3.5' - Head and a half

The Turbo Dream is a high performance shortboard that just barely makes the performance hybrid category (and I'm still debating!) due to a slightly lower rocker than some other "typical" boards in this category. The Turbo Dream combines some aspects of The Dream and the Turbo Ripper, bridging the gap between the two while covering a different wave spectrum. The Turbo Dream is a Trestles/California contest-inspired design with a little more utility in mind to not have to rely so much on a perfect wave. The entire width and rocker profile is right between The Dream and the Turbo Ripper (with extra flip in the tail), and the concaves are also a combination of the two boards: single to double. The Turbo Dream is an excellent go-to performance shortboard for a variety of good wave conditions with just the right combination of looseness and responsiveness.

Length Width Thickness Volume
5'6 18 11/16 2 1/8 23.2 L
5'8 18 15/16 2 3/16 25.2 L
5'10 19 3/16 2 1/4 27.0 L
6'0 19 7/16 2 5/16 28.9 L
6'2 19 11/16 2 3/8 31.0 L
6'4 19 15/16 2 7/16 33.1 L
All dimensions are customizable.

Reviews coming soon!

Recommended setup for your Turbo Dream: