Model Turbo Ripper
Class High Performance Hybrid Shortboard
Rocker Options
    OR [ORIGIN]     Origin Nose / Origin Tail
    AT [ALL TERRAIN]     Origin Nose / Accelerated Tail
    XP [EXTRA PERFORMANCE]     Accelerated Nose / Accelerated Tail
Rails Performance
Bottom Contours Deep double
Ideal Conditions Textured to clean everyday conditions from bowly to hollow
Ideal Wave Range 4' - 6'+
Functional Range 3' - 8'+

The Turbo Ripper is one my most popular and best-selling shortboard models. It's a performance hybrid shortboard designed around one main principle: SPEED. The Turbo Ripper is THE board designed to allow you to make sections, barrels, etc, that you thought were impossible to make.

Moderate nose rocker provides enough needed for steep, late, hollow drops, while the moderately low tail rocker creates an extra gear as a tri fin, and two extra gears as a quad. The unique deep double concave gives the Turbo Ripper incredible lift, drive and responsiveness while maintaining phenomenal agility to turn and move on a dime in dynamic, racing beach break. It's paddle power is excellent as well.

The Turbo Ripper is your new daily driver, swiss army knife go-to shortboard for day-to-day punchy beach break conditions from lack luster, sectiony surf to pumping, dredgy, racing walls and barrels.


Origin Nose / Origin Tail

The OR, or Origin Rocker, the Turbo Ripper was designed with. The OR rocker is the best all-around choice for making the most of the full wave range the Turbo Ripper was designed for. Being the fastest of all the rocker options, it also makes it the best choice for those looking for top speed. Beginner - Advanced surfers.

Origin Nose / Accelerated Tail

The AT, or All Terrain Rocker, is designed to keep much of the utility and wave catchability of the OR rocker but enhance the off-the-tail performance of the Turbo Ripper. The same nose rocker as the OR keeps a nearly identical paddle power & wave catchability while the accelerated tail rocker loosens up the board a bit and tightens its turning radius, enhancing its in-the-pocket performance capabilities. Much like All Terrain tires, it's designed for technical applications across a wide variety of conditions for those looking for a balance between utility & enhanced performance. Intermediate - Expert Surfers.

Accelerated Nose / Accelerated Tail

The XP, or Extra Performance Rocker, is designed to enhance the upper wave limit & performance of the Turbo Ripper. The accelerated nose & tail rocker suit the board best for the upper end of its wave spectrum & even increase it slightly, offering easier late/steep drops & better control in bigger, hollower, punchier conditions. A great option for those who prefer surfing a slightly shorter/stubbier board in bigger conditions. Intermediate - Expert Surfers.

Length Width Thickness Volume
5'4 18 3/4 2 3/16 23.5 L
5'6 19 2 1/4 25.25 L
5'8 19 1/4 2 5/16 27.1 L
5'10 19 1/2 2 3/8 29.0 L
6'0 19 3/4 2 7/16 31.15 L
6'2 20 2 1/2 33.25 L
6'4 20 1/4 2 9/16 35.4 L
6'6 20 1/2 2 5/8 38.2 L
All dimensions are customizable.

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