Model Vibe
Class Hybrid Shortboard
Nose Rocker Relaxed, continuous
Tail Rocker Relaxed, continuous, slight tail flip
Rails Medium soft performance
Bottom Contours Single to double
Ideal Conditions Semi-soft & punchy to almondy, open faced to bowls
Ideal Wave Range 3.5' - 5'
Functional Range 3' - Slightly overhead

The Vibe is a pretty laid back shortboard designed to surf smooth and easily in fairly good, typical but fun waves to perfect clean A-frames and point breaks. The slightly forward outline is a nice depature from a more typical high performance shortboard for those who want the platform of precision and capability of a shortboard underfoot, but more user-friendliness adding extra width under the chest and front foot. The slightly forward wide point also means the Vibe responds nicely to front foot heavy surfers. Designed to surf smooth, fluid, connected, easy but can still handle some solid waves and drawn some serious lines, and - of course - provide tons of good vibes.

Length Width Thickness Volume
5'0 19 2 5/16 24.1 L
5'2 19 1/4 2 3/8 25.9 L
5'4 19 1/2 2 7/16 27.8 L
5'6 19 3/4 2 1/2 29.8 L
5'8 20 2 9/16 31.9 L
5'10 20 1/4 2 5/8 34.4 L
6'0 20 1/2 2 11/16 36.5 L
6'2 20 3/4 2 3/4 38.9 L
6'4 21 2 7/8 42.1 L
6'6 21 3/8 3 45.7 L
All dimensions are customizable.

Order the Vibe if:
⬩ Medium sized waves are your focus, plus a little smaller and a little bigger.
⬩ Performance is important but so is user-friendliness.
⬩ You like a smooth, fluid surfing board from rail-to-rail.

Consider the Coconut if:
⬩ Medium sized waves are your focus, plus a little smaller and a little bigger.
⬩ Performance and user-friendliness are equal to you.
⬩ Having additional board length is appealing to you and might be limiting for other true shortboard models.
⬩ You want a shorter board but don't need a traditional shortboard, and a single fin option is desired.

Consider the Mango Pit if:
⬩ You want a medium wave board with great small wave ability across a variety of wave shapes & tidal conditions.
⬩ You'd prefer a naturally looser feeling board.
⬩ You want the ability to surf more aggressively or more laid back in the same board; some performance & some soulfulness.

Recommended setup for your Vibe: