Impeccable Craftsmanship. Finest Quality.
The committment to every board built at DaveySKY Surfboards

When Davey created DaveySKY Surfboards as his business & full-time job, his mission was to create a truly personalized custom surfboard company that made zero compromises in materials, construction or customer attention. It became clear to Davey very early on how critical custom surfboards are to create the best and easiest surfing boards for each individual surfer considering how different and specific we all are, no matter if you're a beginner or expert. By combining a thorough and attentive custom order process he developed with only the highest quality materials & meticulous construction methods, Davey created a magic recipe that results in consistently producing the highest performing & most durable boards possible for each individual surfer's requirements. That mission statement continues to ring true with every single DaveySKY Surfboard. Oh, and Davey still continues to build every single board start to finish himself at his custom factory, showroom & retail core surf shop in Manasquan, NJ.

"I made a lot of sections I shouldn't have. It feels like a video game when you unlock a new board and it ups your stats. Probably my favorite out of the boards I've owned."

Matt P. - Seaside, NJ
6'0 Turbo Ripper in FocusFlex Tech