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Hey there, Davey here, welcome! I'm a start-to-finish board builder - that's right, every single board - right here at my factory in Manasquan, NJ. My mission here at DaveySKY Surfboards has two simple but clear purposes:

The first: to build the best surfboards a surfer's hard-earned money can buy. Surfboards, even 'cheap' ones, are still rather expensive and far too many end up in landfills much, much sooner than I believe they should. So I build my boards with only the highest quality materials & with meticulous construction methods to create the most durable yet best performing surfboards. No corners are cut, no compromises are made when I build you a custom surfboard. My goal is not to build the most boards, but to build the best boards. Small batch at its absolute finest.

The second: to offer the most attentive & personalized custom ordering process to every single customer - beginner, expert or anywhere in between. Education about surfboard shape, design & construction is a fundamental cornerstone of my business for each & every one of my customers and my methods result in the most dialed, personalized, easiest & best surfing custom surfboards. You're not going to see a lot of flash, advertising or marketing from me as I prefer to focus on the quality of my brand & boards, and let that speak for itself.

I'm here to get the absolute highest quality custom surfboards under the feet of surfers who care about the boards they're surfing, want a better connection with & deeper understand of their boards, and experience the greatest progression & most enjoyable precious time in the water. This is my full-time job, so I'm here day-in and day-out to answer any & all questions you have, so reach out via email or phone or the Live Chat below to get a conversation started about getting the best custom surfboards under your feet! If you're ready to get the custom order process rolling, just fill out & submit the online custom order form. Be sure to cruise around on the website as I work really hard on it for you all.

Stoked to hear from you! Yewww!

"I made a lot of sections I shouldn't have. It feels like a video game when you unlock a new board and it ups your stats. Probably my favorite out of the boards I've owned."

Matt P. - Seaside, NJ
6'0 Turbo Ripper in FocusFlex Tech