Surfboard Model Line

summer shortboards & grovelers.

description: these shorter, wider, low rockered boards are designed for extremely easy paddling and wave catching, tons of speed and heaps of agility and fun. some surfers use these throughout the summer and on smaller days, others are transitioning to these type of boards for most wave conditions.

characteristics: low/ultra low rocker, wider outlines and/or increased surface area

ideal conditions: crumbly, mushy, slopey and/or open wave faces & summer conditions


f i s h e s.

description: these boards are designed to catch waves easily, fly down the line and break loose around turns with varying degrees of that classic fish feel.

characteristics: low to moderate rocker, semi-wide nose, waist & tail

ideal conditions: semi-clean to clean, weak to almondy, summer to fun sized fall/spring


hybrid shortboards.

description: these boards are focused on easier wave catching ability and are hybridized from a standard shortboard design to allow for performance surfing in less than stellar conditions.

characteristics: relaxed rocker, semi-wide nose, waist & tail

ideal conditions: less-than-stellar, semi-weak, semi-slopey waves, average conditions


performance hybrid shortboards.

description: these boards are heavily designed for performance surfing at their core, but have some slight tweaks to make them more versatile (easier paddling, faster on weaker waves, etc) than a standard high performance shortboard.

characteristics: modern/moderate rocker (slightly relaxed), touch of extra width throughout

ideal conditions: average, everyday waves


high performance shortboards.

description: modern/performance rocker, performance outlines/widths

ideal conditions: good, punchy, pitching, powerful waves







custom shapes.

For a completely custom shape, blend of two or more of our shapes or a slight modification of one of our shapes, please email us at

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